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Visual Identity

Coosane Creations

On a journey from the beginning of a small business is always a  highlight from a designer. Here I was able to create from scratch a visual identity that congeals all elements together, to create an outstanding cohesive brand.

Logo Design 01 /

Coosane Creations

Business Cards 02 /

Art for the Home

Swing Tags 03 /

Point of Sale

Packaging 04 /

Wraps for Tea Towels

Website 05 /

Super Imposed Imagery 06 /

Mockups of Products

Client / 

Coosane Creations


Role / 

Art Direction


Agency / 

Room 4 Graphics


Year / 


Logo Design / 

Coosane Creations

Business Card / 

Coosane Creations

Swing Ticket / 

Coosane Creations

Packaging / 

Tea Towel Wrap

Website / 

Coosane Creations -

Super Imposing Imagery / 

Coosane Creations - Products

Logo Design
Business Card
Swing Tags
Mockups - Super Imposed Images
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