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Kelato is "an Australian company, we are proud of the reputation we’ve
built over nearly three decades, our position at the forefront of
international trials into innovative new treatments and the relationships we’ve established within the equine industry and with our customers."

I had the pleasure of working with Kelato on many projects including:

Brochures, Magazine Articles, Packaging, Point of Sale, Web Banners, email mailouts, Flyers, Marketing & Visual Identity

Client / 



Role / 

Art Direction


Agency / 

Room 4 Graphics


Year / 


Brochure / 

Kelato - The Choice of Champions

Mag Advert

Magazine Advertisement / 

Kelato - Feel Well & Perform Well

DL Product Flyer

Product DL Flyers / 

Kelato - Product Features and Benefits

A4 Flyer

A4 Flyer / 

Kelato - Yearling Pre-Preparation

A4 Posters

A4 Posters / 

Kelato - cool soothe Recover, GastroAID Digestive Power, Gastric Health Supplement Comparison

DL Brochure

DL Brochure / 

Kelato - Racing Royalty Awaits


Invitation / 

Kelato - Gastric Health Breakfast Forum

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